FNE Orahovica

Photovoltaic power plant FNE Orahovica-1 is located in the Virovitica region - in Orahovica city in Croatia and has 499,925 kWp of rated output. Construction lasted from August to October of 2012, and officially began operating on 29.10.2012. Annual plan for power plant production is 560,000 kWh, and working lifetime of this plant is 25 years.

In FNE Orahovica 1 project polycrystalline photovoltaic modules were used and those were made by the company DMEGC (E -Ging), furthermore total of 2040 photo voltage panels were allocated in Orahovica. Series of photo voltage panels were distributed in three rows schedule on a support platform designed by the company KRINNER.

The plant is equipped with central inverters, produced by the company ZIGOR, and with the equipment needed for gathering production data.

Our power plant is automated and almost all operations and controls can be performed remotely. Safeguard plan derived from BOSCH video alarm system which assures 24-hour supervision of the power plant. Power plant area with all access roads and pathways for maintenance amounts to 18,386 m2 .

Power plant operations are to this day in the projected values of production and labor total. City Orahovica provided steady income to its budget by giving land for the construction of this power plant to leasing on the basis of this lease, communal expenses and production from renewable energy sources contribution.

We believe that this project will contribute to the work and development of the local community, and we hope that this is just the first in a series of successful projects that we are planning to undertake in Croatia. This is certainly an important example and stimulation to foreign investors, and we are extremely happy that the local community can proudly present a project of national importance. Migrit Energy Ltd. currently plans to invest between 300 and 400 million of Croatian currency in various types of projects throughout the Croatian territory.